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Step One

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Step Two

Complete one offer (you will be shown the offers after signing up). Most are free and generally require a trial subscription, such as a DVD rental. Some however may require a small deposit of around £5 ($7), still not bad for a free iPhone 4G.

Step Three

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About the iPhone 4G

The iPhone from Apple is now entering its fourth generation. The iPhone was first launched in June 2007, with the second generation iPhone 3G being launched during July 2008. The thired generation phone was released to the public in June 2009. Its primary purpose is as GSM based mobile phone (or cell phone), although the unit is also a fully fledged smart phone compling with products from Blackberry, HTC and Nokia. It is also, thank to Apples dominance in the portable MP3 market, a portable media player that is used in conjunction with Apple's iTunes software. The unit also functions as a Wi-Fi and GPS (global positioning) enabled mobile platform using its built in wireless technology.


The free iPhone4G will be available in various version, each using flash based memory. Web browsing is carried out using Apple's Safari web browser. More details will be available on the new iPhone 4G once the product is officially released by Apple.


To be updated on release.


The iPhone 4G is sure to be the big hit of 2010, even surpassing the popularity on the Apple iPad. Don't miss out on your free iPhone 4G.